•  Landlord/Tenant Evictions

    Sosin Law has extensive experience representing both landlords and
    tenants in commercial and residential evictions and property matters.  A
    conflict between a landlord and a tenant is often best resolved with the aid
    of an experienced lawyer.  At Sosin Law we offer clients aggressive
    and innovative representation in handling their landlord/tenant disputes.  
    With an intricate knowledge of landlord/tenant law, we are able to
    comprehensively evaluate our clients’ position and put forth effective
    arguments in the courtroom.

    Landlords in Florida often face challenges that are best addressed with
    knowledge of state and federal laws.  At Sosin Law P.L., we work closely with
    residential and commercial landlords, helping them understand and apply
    the law to their advantage.

    Each landlord/tenant situation is unique.  We represent landlords in
    landlord/tenant issues including:

    Breach of Lease Agreement
    Breach of Contract
    Premises Liability
    Lease Drafting, Reviewing and Negotiating

    Many landlords from other states own property in Florida. When a dispute
    occurs with a tenant, the lawyers at Sosin Law can work quickly to
    resolve the problem.

    Every tenant, no matter where they live, has the right to a livable dwelling or
    quiet enjoyment of their commercial space. The landlord has a duty to provide
    for the upkeep and maintenance of his or her property, and if this duty is not
    upheld, the tenant may have a right to legal recourse.  In addition, if you've
    been denied housing or unfairly treated because of unlawful discrimination,
    we can aggressively argue your case.

    By representing both landlords and tenants, we have gained extraordinary
    insight and experience that is invaluable to Tenants confronting eviction
    issues and in prosecuting their rights.

    Hiring experienced lawyers for landlord/tenant actions is paramount in
    increasing your chances of success.  Throughout the years, we have
    established a record of success that we strive to build on with each new case.

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