Practice Areas

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Practice Areas

  •  Employment Law            

       Sosin Law’s employment practice
       encompasses advising employers and
       employees concerning a broad spectrum
       of employment issues, including their
       rights and obligations under employment
       agreements, covenants not to compete,
       federal anti-discrimination laws, and
       federal overtime and minimum wage laws,   
       as well as any case involving employment discrimination, such as pregnancy  
       discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination,
       religious and racial discrimination.  

       Employers face difficult challenges on a daily basis and our litigious society allows
       for false claims to be filed against innocent employers.  Having high quality legal
       representation to address these issues professionally and at reasonable costs allows
       you to focus on the more urgent concerns of your business.  

       There are also Employees that suffer from violations of state or federal law,
       whether facing discrimination, wrongful termination, or working more hours than
       they were contracted or agreed to do without being paid the overtime wages they
       are entitled to under the law.  No matter what employment issue is involved, our
       legal team will address it professionally and move quickly to bring it to a fair
       and just resolution.  

        Whether we are representing employers or employees, we try to resolve      
       employment disputes before a lawsuit is filed to avoid costly litigation and
       potentially negative publicity.  We zealously protect the rights of our clients and       
       you can feel confident that you have legal representation from a firm that takes
       your case seriously and will go the distance on your behalf.  We are proud of our
       our case results and are prepared to offer you immediate legal assistance with your
       employment law issue.