•  Business Disputes/Litigation

    Often when a business deal results in a conflict, litigation may be the only
    option. While our attorneys take an aggressive approach to litigation, we
    firmly believe in resolving disputes without time consuming and expensive
    trials, whenever possible. We evaluate each case to determine if alternative
    dispute resolution may be used to effectively settle our client’s dispute.

    Our law firm regularly handles business disputes involving issues such as:

    Breach of Contract
    Business Dissolutions and Buy Outs
    Non-Compete Agreements
    Employment Agreements

    When you are mired in a business dispute,
    or are contemplating legal action to protect
    your interests, you need an experienced
    lawyer who can assist you in reaching your goals.

    To learn how Sosin Law can assist you in your business & contract
    litigation needs, call our office at 561-613-0000 to arrange an appointment.

    Sosin Law represents both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving
    business lawsuits.  These cases encompass suits brought by competitors, partners,
    LLC members, employees, employers, shareholders, minority shareholders, and
    joint venturers typically alleging fraud, tortious interference with business
    relationships, unfair competition, conspiracy, and breach of fiduciary duty.

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